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Quirk Ford Hires Teens To Teach Customers About New Tech

Quirk Ford Hires Teens To Teach Customers About New Tech

QUINCY, Massachusetts – Teens are becoming the teachers at Quirk Ford.

The dealership hired about 10 students to serve on its Technology Team, instructing customers how to use different technology features as buyers take delivery of new vehicles.

The Tech Team spends an average 15-30 minutes offering tutorials on issues like synching cell phones to the Bluetooth system and helping customers feel comfortable with the MyFord Touch system, said General Manager Mike Quirk.

“The outlook and the attitude these students have is infectious and they bring a refreshing element to the showroom,” Quirk told Edmunds.

They also help Quirk Ford’s customers break a trend.

A recent J.D. Power report showed that 20 percent of new car owners have never used 16 of 33 of the tech features available to them, like mobile routers for wireless Internet connectivity, automatic parking systems and built-in apps.

Adding tech-savvy teens to the payroll has helped increase sales as well, Quirk noted.

“Friends, family and parents of the local students we hire appreciate what we’ve done and it’s really increased the relationship with the community, so we’ve definitely done business with those that know the students,” Quirk said.

The dealership also has hired on several students post-graduation to work full time in the sales, Internet sales and service departments.

“It’s turned out to be quite successful on many levels,” he said.

Edmunds says: A dealership gets schooled by a younger generation, which drives sales and creates a wealth of future full-time personnel.

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