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Clay Cooley Nissan Customers Help To Ring in Sales

Clay Cooley Nissan Customers Help To Ring in Sales

DALLAS – Clay Cooley Nissan celebrates every car sold by letting the customer bang a gong parked in the middle of the showroom.

Business Development and Multi-Media Manager Joe Reza announces the customer’s name, the type of vehicle purchased, the salesperson’s name and the store’s slogan, filming it all for Facebook.

“Buying a car is a big deal,” Reza said. “For some people, it’s a game changer, where they can stop taking a bus and get a better job. You don’t do it every day and it’s something to be celebrated, so the gong helps them get excited.”

The staff nearby claps and cheers for the customer during filming, adding to the fun.

Reza has discovered that the gong brings in customers.

“Customers come in mentioning that they came to us after seeing one of their friends star in a video,” he said. “Facebook is a way to share the video with friends and that helps their friends get to know a member of our sales team, so they feel more comfortable because they met that person through the video.”

Edmunds says: Car shoppers seem to love this special encore to their vehicle purchase at this fun-loving dealership.

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