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Car Shoppers Shun Self-Parking Vehicles, AAA Says

Car Shoppers Shun Self-Parking Vehicles, AAA Says

ORLANDO, Florida – Most American drivers are not willing to turn over parking duties to their vehicles, despite the benefits of self-parking technology, a new AAA survey found.

Nearly 80 percent of drivers are confident in their parallel parking abilities and only one in four would trust this technology to park their vehicles, AAA said in a statement on Tuesday.

However, AAA is urging car shoppers to reconsider the technology, saying it “performed well in tests and warrants consideration of new car buyers.”

AAA tested self-parking features on several vehicles, including the 2015 Lincoln MKC, Mercedes-Benz ML400 4Matic, Cadillac CTS Vsport, BMW i3 and Jeep Cherokee Limited.

Automated parking outperformed human drivers in several areas.

The self-parking systems were able to park a vehicle 10 percent faster, parked closer to the curb, experienced 81 percent fewer curb strikes and often completed the task in as little as one maneuver.

However, some systems stumbled, parking “exceedingly close to the curb, leaving wheels and tires vulnerable to scratches and costly repairs,” AAA said.

Edmunds says: Your dealer will be happy to demonstrate the new self-parking feature, which is available on a growing number of vehicles, as part of your test-drive experience.

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