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Toyota To Introduce New Mapping System at 2016 CES

Toyota To Introduce New Mapping System at 2016 CES

LAS VEGAS – Toyota will unveil a new high-precision mapping system that can be updated in real time at next week’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Intended to help speed the implementation of automated driving, the new map-generation system could be installed in production vehicles by 2020, Toyota said.

Developed by Toyota, the mapping system uses vehicle cameras and GPS devices to collect road images (including lane markers and speed limit signs) and information on a vehicle’s position. The data is gathered, corrected and updated in real time to generation high-precision road maps, a critical element in automated driving.

Toyota’s system is quite different from other mapping systems that use three-dimensional laser scanners to gather precise data, but are infrequently updated.

Toyota said its system can be rapidly updated and corrected by constantly gathering and sorting information from multiple vehicles. The automaker also said the mapping system can be implemented at relatively low cost.

Initially, the Toyota mapping system will focus on highway travel, but eventually will be extended to cover ordinary roads and help in hazard avoidance, the company said.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is beginning to rival traditional auto shows when it comes to giving the public hints about what to expect in future vehicles.

Key themes at the 2016 CES will be new systems and functions that will help speed the development of self-driving vehicles, along with high-tech vehicle interiors and sophisticated convenience features.

Edmunds says: Toyota’s high-tech mapping system will be a major bonus for car shoppers in the not-too-distant future.

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