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Team Toyota Dealership Features Kid-Friendly Showroom

Team Toyota Dealership Features Kid-Friendly Showroom

SCHERERVILLE, Indiana – At Team Toyota, even the youngest customer is always right.

When customer reviews suggested the three-year-old building needed a space dedicated to children, the dealership sprang into action.

One week later, Team Toyota had repurposed a room off of its showroom into a kids’ play area.

Three of its walls are covered in chalk paint, making floor-to-ceiling chalkboards. A Lego table, a car track and mini seating serve the needs of the pint-size guests. Two manipulative games are attached to a wall as well.

“When we were putting in the final items, there were children waiting for us to finish so they could get in and play,” said Steffeni Krucek, who works in the business-development center and is a cashier.

The dealership made a conscious decision to leave a TV and other electronics out of the room to encourage imaginative play.

Krucek told Edmunds she believes the kids’ room will help sell cars.

“It’s easier for parents to look around and shop for a car when they know their child is happy and having fun,” Krucek said.

Edmunds says: Happy kids equal happy car shoppers, as this savvy Toyota dealership has found.

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