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Street Toyota Turns Up the Volume on Customer Service With Radio Communication

Street Toyota Turns Up the Volume on Customer Service With Radio Communication

AMARILLO, Texas – Staying connected is keeping customers and employees alike happy at Street Toyota.

The dealership has outfitted the majority of its 150 employees with four-channel earpiece radios with a simple-touch microphone they wear on their lapels, similar to those used in high-end hotels like The Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons.

Sales, Service, Parts and management have their own separate channels, allowing quick answers to customers’ questions, which improves the overall customer service experience, Mike Good, general manager, told Edmunds.

“You used to have to pick up a phone, dial it or walk around until you found the right person who could answer your question,” Good said. “Employees are more efficient when they’re able to use technology with a touch of a button and that ultimately benefits the customer.”

The positive feedback began within three hours of introducing the radios to the staff, he said.

Laverne Davis, customer relations manager, is complimented at least three times a week by customers appreciating the instant communication.

“They love how much quicker we have answers for them, and it makes them feel special,” Davis said.

Employees have noticed positive outcomes, too. Service Manager Jason Reed, who went from taking 20,000 steps per day to 10,000, notices his feet hurt less at the end of day than before adopting a radio.

“The biggest thing I notice is having a big part of my day back to focus on building the business rather than running around trying to solve an issue,” Reed said. “That and my pants are getting tighter.”

Edmunds says: One dealership has found the right frequency for raising the bar on the customer service experience.

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