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Naples Nissan Hands Over Its Cafe Ownership to Local Charity

Naples Nissan Hands Over Its Cafe Ownership to Local Charity

NAPLES, Florida – In the season of giving, Naples Nissan is offering its customers some food for thought.

The dealership has donated the cafe in its showroom to be run by the catering division of St. Matthew’s House, a home for the less fortunate and those in addiction recovery.

It will include a Starbucks, which will help train rehab patients how to be baristas, and offer items like sandwiches and salads. All of the cafe’s proceeds will go to the charity, General Manager and Managing Partner Aaron Walker told Edmunds.

“St. Matthew’s House takes zero government funding, so they raise money through thrift shops and their catering company, and they find time to serve about 441,000 hot meals annually,” Walker said.

Walker aligned the dealership with the charity after a tour, which about half of his workforce has taken as well. He visited the thrift store after moving to Florida in July. That’s when he decided to buy the majority of his furniture there because he liked the store’s commitment to helping those in need.

Through December, the dealership also is donating $20 any time a customer stops by to take a test-drive, or $200 if the customer buys a car.

“This is bringing people in to the showroom floor because of these donations,” Walker said.

Rather than decorate the showroom for the holidays, Walker decided to erect storyboards about St. Matthew’s House to help customers understand the charity’s drive to help others.

“Customers are responding,” he said. “There’s a warm feeling you get when you realize how one test-drive can help so many people.”

Edmunds says: In this season of giving, one dealership takes extraordinary steps to help others.

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