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Lincoln Debuts Lease Mileage Credit Program

Lincoln Debuts Lease Mileage Credit Program

DEARBORN, Michigan – Lincoln Financial Services will roll out a nationwide lease mileage credit program by the end of January dubbed “Lincoln Miles.”

Participants will be able to track their mileage in real time through a mobile app. They will receive a credit for their unused miles when they turn in their vehicles.

Invitations are being sent to about 4,000 lessees who have 10 months to 25 months left on their lease agreements and are current on their payments. The program is available to lessees of 2015 and 2016 Lincoln MKX, MKC and MKZ models with an embedded modem.

Consumers will receive from $100 to $1,000 toward their next Lincoln lease or purchase.

“This can help clients manage their miles and earn credits for unused miles,” said Lee Jelenic, director of Lincoln Future Digital and Product Development, in a statement.

Edmunds says: Mileage-conscious consumers should love Lincoln Miles. If the pilot program is a success, expect it to be offered to all Lincoln lessees.

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