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Ford Employees Can Now Share Special Discount Pricing With Non-Family Members

Ford Employees Can Now Share Special Discount Pricing With Non-Family Members

DEARBORN, Michigan – For a limited time, Ford is offering employees and retirees the chance to share discount A-Plan pricing outside of their immediate families.

Ford’s new program, called “A/Z-Plan Conquest PIN,” gives U.S. employees and retirees one extra code number to share with any extended family member, friend, or neighbor, between now and February 29, 2016, so they can purchase a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

It’s a highly unusual move, since normally these discounts – considered the automaker’s best pricing – can only be shared with immediate family members.

One caveat is that the discount must go to a “conquest customer,” someone who does not currently drive a Ford or Lincoln product.

“It’s a reward for a great year,” Ford spokeswoman Elizabeth Weigandt told Edmunds. “If Ford employees know someone who drives a competing vehicle, it’s a chance to get them into a Ford product for this limited time.”

Although full-year financial results won’t be presented until next week, Ford announced that it expects record 2015 pre-tax profits, coming off a year in which it launched 16 new vehicles, including the redesigned Mustang and F-150 pickup.

Weigandt said that all Ford and Lincoln dealers will be participating in the new discount program, but she noted that a few limited-production models will be excluded, including the Mustang Shelby GT350, the Focus RS and the F-150 Raptor.

To get the extra PIN, Ford employees and retirees should go to the existing plan program site and follow the instructions. They may also contact Plan Information at 800-348-7709.

Weigandt said that no wider communication or special promotions are planned for this offer.

Edmunds says: This is a unique chance for anyone who knows a Ford employee or retiree to switch to a Ford product at a discount price. It may enable them to save thousands of dollars.

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