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Ford Dealerships in Austin Test Group Leases

Ford Dealerships in Austin Test Group Leases

AUSTIN, Texas – Three Ford dealerships in Austin, Texas are participating in a new Ford Credit Link pilot program that allows groups of three to six people to share a lease on a Ford vehicle.

The dealerships are Covert Ford, Leif Johnson Ford and Maxwell Ford.

The program kicks off in February and is aimed at consumers who “don’t need a vehicle full time, but would like access to their own set of wheels,” Ford said in a statement.

Participants will share the lease cost and use a vehicle plug-in device and app to reserve drive time, communicate with each other and make payments.

“We’re seeing the potential for a shift from a single consumer paying for a single vehicle to several people sharing costs and benefits,” said David McClelland, Ford Credit executive vice president of marketing and sales.

Austin was chosen for the pilot program because it has many means of alternate transportation.

No word yet on when the program will roll out to other areas.

Edmunds says: The definition is mobility is changing and Ford is trying some clever tactics to keep customers in the fold.

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