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Fiat-Chrysler Dealers Aim To Build Relationships With Car Shoppers

Fiat-Chrysler Dealers Aim To Build Relationships With Car Shoppers

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan – Fiat-Chrysler dealers in the U.S. are putting a renewed emphasis on building relationships with car shoppers, according to a company announcement on Monday.

The company’s 2,600 dealerships nationwide are vying for the new Customer First Award for Excellence.

The prize is designed to “elevate customer satisfaction with their dealerships,” Fiat-Chrysler said in a statement.

“The ultimate result will be an approach to the customer that is less about the transaction and more about building a relationship,” the automaker said.

Dealers will focus on the sales-and-service experience, employee training and facility condition.

Dealers that earn Customer First Award for Excellence certification can market themselves to customers as “elite stores.”

“We believe it will give us a serious competitive advantage in the marketplace that along with our great products and strong brands will significantly improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention in our dealerships,” the company said.

Edmunds says: Certified dealers will advertise this new designation starting in July. Car shoppers seeking strong ties to their dealer should keep an eye out for this special award.

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