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Bergstrom Automotive’s Electronic Christmas Card Revs Up Sales

Bergstrom Automotive's Electronic Christmas Card Revs Up Sales

NEENAH, Wisconsin – Bergstrom Automotive’s electronic holiday greeting card is a hit with car shoppers.

Five years ago, the dealership chain, with 36 brands in 30 facilities, ditched its traditional paper card and produced a video greeting with staff from each location singing a snippet of a Christmas carol.

It has become an annual tradition with each year’s video averaging at least 5,000 YouTube views. That makes them consistently the most watched, most shared, most talked-about videos Bergstrom Automotive has on its YouTube channel. It’s also proved popular on other social media, including Facebook.

“It’s shared all over the world,” Tim Bergstrom, president and COO, told Edmunds. “It’s fun to watch it make the rounds to the various military bases overseas.”

Bergstrom got the idea for the video greeting after receiving one from his alma mater, Marquette University, showing undergraduates having a good time with their professors or the chancellor.

At first, getting the team members to cooperate for the first one “was like pulling teeth,” Bergstrom said. “Now the biggest complaint we get from team members is ‘Nobody told me the day they would be here to shoot the video,’ so we make sure now that everyone knows.”

While he can’t put a number to how many cars he’s sold as a result of the video greeting, he notes that the goodwill his team has built up has had a positive impact, according to the feedback sales associates receive.

“I translate it to sales because our team is proud of having fun at work and that’s the value we create, where our team enjoys taking care of our guests and the guests can feel it, even through a video Christmas card,” Bergstrom said.

Edmunds says: The holly, jolly holiday spirit is infectious, as this dealership proves.

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