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Allen Turner Chevrolet Helps Cops for Kids Program

Allen Turner Chevrolet Helps Cops for Kids Program

CRESTVIEW, Florida – Allen Turner Chevrolet called the cops when it wanted to help its community have a merry Christmas.

The majority of dealership employees participated in a voluntary payroll-withholding plan to donate to those in need. It raised $6,500, including a company match.

“We’d been here only for a year-and-a-half and when I heard about the Crestview Police Department’s Cops for Kids program. I called them to tell them we wanted to help and they were excited because they’ve never had a corporate sponsor before,” owner Allen Turner told Edmunds.

Three dealership employees, including Internet coordinator Molly Sampson, helped the police officers shop for 38 families.

“We had to buy three separate gifts and spend $75 per child,” Sampson said. “It really made me pause. It put everything into perspective when I thought of these families we were helping.”

Turner said the giving spirit isn’t about moving the metal.

“At this point in the year, we’re not worried about selling cars,” he said. “We’re concerned with doing good. If you do the right thing and help the community you live and work in, you become a great community partner.”

Edmunds says: Dealership employees come together and help families in need have a happy holiday.

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