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New Hyundai Genesis Brand Targets Lexus, Infiniti

New Hyundai Genesis Brand Targets Lexus, Infiniti

SEOUL, South Korea – Hyundai is launching a new Genesis brand designed to attract luxury buyers with a personalized and “hassle-free customer experience.”

The Genesis brand targets Toyota’s Lexus luxury division, Nissan’s Infiniti luxury brand and Honda’s Acura premium brand.

Hyundai said it will launch six new Genesis models by 2020 and “will compete with the world’s most renowned luxury car brands.”

The lineup is expected to include a midsize crossover and an SUV.

But to start, the new sub-brand will feature two models.

The current Hyundai Genesis sedan will be renamed the G80, while the Hyundai Equus sedan will be dubbed the G90, Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor told Edmunds. The renaming will go into effect for the 2017 model year.

Future vehicles will adopt the alphanumeric naming strategy using the letter “G” and a number representing the vehicle segment.

The Hyundai Genesis coupe will not be carried into the Genesis brand, Trainor said.

It is not clear whether all of Hyundai’s 400 U.S. dealers will carry the Genesis brand.

“We’ve made no comment nor decision on how the dealership channel will be managed in the mid- to long-term but in the short term, Genesis will continue to be sold just as it is today and how it has been for about seven years,” Trainor wrote in response to a query.

Hyundai said in a statement that Genesis brand “sales and service staff will provide rapid and attentive service to a customer’s request.”

The new Korean luxury brand will feature a distinct design identity, emblem, naming structure and customer service.

Edmunds says: Hyundai gets serious about attracting luxury car shoppers with the debut of the new Genesis brand.

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