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Edmunds. com To Launch Auto App for Apple TV

Edmunds. com To Launch Auto App for Apple TV

SANTA MONICA, California – announced Edmunds TV, one of the first apps for the new Apple TV that will bring exclusive, industry-leading automotive content straight to a viewer’s living room, creating a new, experiential research tool for car shoppers.

The Edmunds TV app for Apple TV will be available when the device launches at the end of October.

“As consumers spend more time researching cars and watching automotive video content, we saw an opportunity to create a car-shopping experience that extends to multiple consumer touchpoints on desktop, mobile and TV screens,” said Stephen Gandee, vice president of product design and advertising at “With Edmunds TV, we’re infusing car shopping into more aspects of everyday life, making it an inclusive experience that can be enjoyed and shared by both the future driver and passenger.”

More than 60 percent of car shoppers use video content as a research tool before making a purchase.

The Edmunds TV app will feature car reviews, road tests, consumer advice and behind-the-scenes videos.

Edmunds says: embraces a revolutionary medium in order to help you on your car-buying journey.

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