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Car Shoppers Can Find High-Tech Features on Used Cars

Car Shoppers Can Find High-Tech Features on Used Cars

SANTA MONICA, California – Car shoppers can find many of the latest high-tech features on pre-owned vehicles that are priced at thousands of dollars less than new cars, according to an update from Among those features: Bluetooth, blind-spot monitoring and back-up cameras.

“Many shoppers will be surprised to learn how many used cars currently available are loaded with advanced technology,” according to Senior Consumer Advice Editor Ron Montoya. “Buyers looking at certified pre-owned cars or those in the two- to three-year-old range, for example, are very likely to find technology that’s comparable with what can be found on a new-car lot.” recommends that used-car shoppers focus on the following model years to look for specific high-tech features and systems:

Bluetooth (2009 or later). Wirelessly syncs your mobile device to the car’s audio system.

Back-Up Cameras (2010 or later). Provides an additional margin of safety with real-time rearview video.

Blind-Spot Monitoring (2013 or later). Let’s you know, with a visual or audible alert, when it’s not safe to turn or change lanes.

Adaptive Cruise Control (2013 or later). Automatically reduces your car’s speed when necessary to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Shoppers can get more details from Edmunds’ “Used Car Tech that Might Surprise You.”

On older used cars, aftermarket products can be added to enable the use of smartphones and other tech features, often at surprisingly affordable prices. Some of Edmunds’ favorite technology add-ons can be found here.

Edmunds says: Smart car shoppers will scour used-car lots for some of the latest in high-tech features.

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