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Washington Auto Mall Joins Weight Loss Competition

Washington Auto Mall Joins Weight Loss Competition

WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania – Washington Auto Mall hopes to be declared the “Biggest Winner” in a four-week corporate weight-loss challenge that pits area businesses against each other.

The auto mall, which is home to Washington Toyota, Washington Honda and Washington Hyundai dealerships, put together a team of six employees – from sales to service – to battle a half dozen other teams, including a newspaper, a hospital and a resort, in a spoof of NBC’s reality show The Biggest Loser.

The company with the greatest combined total body percentage weight loss in four weeks wins the contest put on by the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center, which is part of the Washington Health System.

The reason behind the dealership group’s participation is three-fold, Dana Phillips, the auto mall’s human resources manager, told Edmunds.

“We are trying to change the culture here and get everyone fit and help reduce our cost of insurance,” said Phillips, who is a contest team member.

She added: “There is a marketing element, too, because the competition is being followed by the newspaper, the Observer-Reporter, so our name is in the paper for the next few weeks, which could lead to car sales.

“We’re really hoping to win it to have bragging rights.”

Edmunds says: A healthy competition may help team members unite to sell more cars.

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