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Rick Case Maserati Takes Customer Service to the Next Level

Rick Case Maserati Takes Customer Service to the Next Level

DAVIE, Florida – In its first month in business, Rick Case Maserati sold more GranTurismos, Ghiblis and Quattroportes than any other Maserati dealership in the nation.

Becoming number one in the United States in a record-breaking December so quickly after opening its doors was far from a surprise, chain namesake Rick Case told Edmunds.

“We were open until midnight throughout December,” said Case, who spent the month working with wife and business partner Rita Case at the Maserati location. “We sold half the 71 cars after Christmas.”

Case moved a big chunk to people he and his wife personally knew from owning 16 dealerships in three states for more than 50 years and from all of the charitable work they do, including sitting on several boards in Florida.

“We know some high-end people who were ready to move on from their Hyundai Equus, their Genesis or their German cars,” he said.

Having a female in the front office helped as well.

“I think it helps that my wife is as much of a part of the business as I am and women buyers like that,” Case said.

They’ve trained their associates to be extra nice, too.

“Every person who walks in gets a card with my cell number, my work number and my home number, so if the customer doesn’t feel like they’re the associate’s best friend, they can call me and tell me,” he said.

Edmunds says: Putting in the hours and emphasizing customer care is a winning recipe for this savvy dealership.

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