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Myth of Red Cars and Higher Car Insurance Debunked in New Survey

Myth of Red Cars and Higher Car Insurance Debunked in New Survey

DETROIT – Many car shoppers are under the wrong impression that red cars cost more to insure, according to a new survey released on Sunday by

In fact, “car color has no effect on what you pay,” according to the survey.

That little tidbit should be reassuring to shoppers considering such vehicles as a 2016 Ford Mustang in Race Red or Ruby Red. The 2015 Chevrolet Camaro color palette includes Red Hot and Red Rock Metallic, while the 2015-’16 Dodge Challenger can be ordered in Torred.

However, the kind of car you buy has more of an impact on insurance costs. A high-end import car is likely to cost more to insure than a more mainstream vehicle.

Misconceptions about auto insurance can keep buyers from getting proper coverage, said.

The mythbusters also note that while many people believe auto insurance covers items stolen from a car, it often doesn’t. In fact, it’s usually renters or home-insurance coverage that covers items stolen from a car, as long as they are worth more than the deductible.

Another misconception is that auto insurance covers car breakdowns and other mechanical problems. Younger buyers are more likely to believe insurance covers routine repairs, the survey found.

Unless a repair is covered under warranty, the owner will have to pay the cost out of pocket. is urging shoppers to “get up to speed on auto insurance myths.”

Edmunds says: You can do this by finding a good insurance agency, doing your own research and reading the fine print because getting car insurance is all part of the buying process.

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