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Motorcars Honda Goes Green With Great Results

Motorcars Honda Goes Green With Great Results

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio – Motorcars Honda built a $1.7-million solar canopy to shield its cars and customers from the elements and power the dealership, but it also secured a lot of good will in the community.

The canopy, supported by beams made from recycled cars, helped the dealership become a power plant for itself.

It’s just about grid neutral, much sooner than expected, part owner and General Manager Trevor Gile, told Edmunds.

While Gile likes that it tames the challenges Mother Nature often throws at its cars, shielding the 2016 Accords and HR-Vs, along with shoppers, from rain, snow and sun, it’s the customer reaction that’s excited him.

They have expressed their enthusiasm through their visits, their views of the canopy’s video and their purchases.

“They needed a dealership that respects their time and respects the environment,” Gile said.

Gile also stocked the dealership with four loaner bicycles that allow customers to be green and buy local.

People use them every day while waiting for their car in the service department to visit nearby coffee shops and businesses.

Gile is working out discounts at those destinations for dealership patrons who stop by. He also plans to add four more bikes by spring.

“We believe in community involvement and these improvements show it,” he said.

Edmunds says: Going green helps one business stand out as a good corporate citizen.

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