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I25 Kia Drives Teachers With Shopping Spree

I25 Kia Drives Teachers With Shopping Spree

LONGMONT, Colorado – i25 Kia helped five teachers with their own back-to-school shopping through its “Teachers with Drive: Helping Teachers Cruise through the Year” campaign, granting $300 each to stock their classrooms with supplies.

The dealership randomly chose five area schools and with the help of the principals, they selected veteran, first-year, support and bilingual teachers, i25 Kia Marketing Director Rochelle Reynolds told Edmunds.

The dealership accompanied each teacher individually to the store of their choice, filming the experience and posting it on social media.

The teachers purchased everything from the traditional – Crayolas, binders and sticky notes – to the untraditional – CD players, back-rest reading pillows and Jenga games that may be used year after year.

“It was so successful that we will do it again,” Reynolds said.

She gauged the success on the exposure it received on social media.

Not only did the dealership put it on Facebook, YouTube and its website, the schools, principals and teachers posted them as well, expanding their reach.

While the campaign has yet to lead to car sales, Reynolds believes the community received the message that i25 Kia is committed to giving back.

“We value Colorado’s dedicated teachers and we wanted it to be something the schools, the teachers and the students could be excited about, and their reaction shows we did that,” she said.

Edmunds says: This dealership’s dedication to education gets the school year off to a great start.

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