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Emich Automotive Rents Raceway for Private Customer Experience

Emich Automotive Rents Raceway for Private Customer Experience

DENVER – In a race to separate themselves from other car dealers, Emich Volkswagen and Emich Chevrolet will host Emich Track Day on October 25, offering customers the chance to drive their own cars or the dealerships’ vehicles at the High Plains Raceway for a discounted price. A full-day session at the raceway can be purchased for just $80.

A 2015 Camaro Z28, a C7 Corvette and a VW GTI, among others, will be on hand for a full day of open laps, allowing drivers to see the full capabilities of these models or their own personal cars.

The dealership has instructors on hand to help guests, whether they want to be the driver or a passenger. They welcome all skill levels, dividing them into slower and faster groups.

Both participants and spectators are asked to register for this fast-selling, private event. Fred Emich IV, managing partner at Emich Automotive who plans to bring his Jetta GLI from his Pirelli World Challenge races to the event, told Edmunds it’s the company’s fourth track day and it gets more popular with each one.

“We had one in April and many asked that day when we are having the next one,” Emich said.

Emich said he began it as a promotional tool to reward loyal customers and employees, but it’s quickly turned into a sales generator.

“When we first brought out the 2015 Camaro Z28 in a previous Track Day, a lot of people were excited about it,” he said. “The Corvette clubs visited the showroom, too.”

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