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Airport Acura Helps Shoppers Feel at Ease Through Video Introductions

Airport Acura Helps Shoppers Feel at Ease Through Video Introductions

CLEVELAND, Ohio – While the 2016 Acura RDX, MDX and other models often steal the show at Airport Acura, the other stars of the dealership – its staff – are getting their 90 seconds of fame in videos that introduce themselves to car shoppers on social media.

Airport Acura, one of the 15 Bernie Moreno Companies brands, has posted light-hearted video interviews on YouTube and Facebook that cover everything from a salesman’s first car to his love for the morning’s doughnut.

“I try to make each one fun and humorous,” Andrew Starr, the dealerships’ videographer, told Edmunds.

He often gets the best footage during the prep period before he shoots the video when he turns on the camera without the subject knowing it is rolling.

“A lot of people are nervous when they go into a dealership and these videos clear that up by showing these people are very welcoming, very friendly and human,” Starr said.

They have led to at least one instance where an Internet shopper specifically asked for a salesperson after viewing the meet-the-team videos.

The doughnut-loving sales consultant Rusty Davidenko made a sale because of it.

“A lot of people research online first and the person happened to come across Rusty’s video while plugging in Acura,” Starr said.

Starr is filming similar videos for the other Bernie Moreno dealerships, including Airport Mini of Cleveland, but each have a different flavor depending on the brand.

“They help us put a face on the dealership, show that it’s a warm place to be and that we are easy to work with,” Starr said.

Edmunds says: A sweet way to win the hearts of car shoppers.

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